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Our Talents

Adam Lo

Language Ability

  • Native Cantonese, basic English and Mandarin 母語廣東話,基本英語與普通話

Qualifications / Experience

  • Taken advanced emcee training courses 修讀過進階司儀訓練課程

  • Hosted various events, including banquets, seminars, marathons, music performances 持有不同場合司儀經驗,如晚宴、講座、馬拉松活動、音樂表演等

  • Awarded Champion at the C2 Master of Ceremonies Volunteer Group Competition C2 司儀技巧大比試 13 - 全場總冠軍


  • Energetic and adaptable, able to create the suitable atmosphere 有活力,善於製造氣氛,應變能力高,笑容燦爛

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