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Our Talents

Natalie Fok

Language Ability

  • Native Cantonese, fluent English and Mandarin 母語廣東話,精通英語與普通話

Education / Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts in Translation (First Class Honours), HKBU 香港浸會大學翻譯學文學士一級榮譽畢業

  • The National Putonghua Proficiency Test [82/100] 國家語委普通話水平測試 82 分

  • Second-Prize Winner - Hong Kong Regional Final of the 7th Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest 第七屆海峽兩岸口譯大賽 - 第三屆香港地區大賽(普通話/英語)二等獎


  • Decent, amiable, adaptable and skilled at setting appropriate tone for events 大方親切,靈活應變,善於控制現場氣氛


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